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About Meubles-Eco

MEUBLES-ECO was founded to offer you natural, ecological, and economical furniture because you are entitled to it.


We believe that:

  • That a piece of furniture should inspire and create an atmosphere of well-being

  • That no matter how big our home is, we all deserve a functional home office

  • That it is our duty to produce locally, create jobs here, and contribute to our prosperity

This is why MEUBLES-ECO has developed simple, practical, and eco-responsible solutions.

Our desks and stands are:

  • Assembled by a single person in minutes.

  • Without screws or nails which allows them to be easily stored and to better use our spaces

  • Made to last because our reversible worktops extend the life of our furniture. If one side looks faded, we turn it over and our office is like new.

MEUBLES-ECO wants our furniture to accompany you from where you are to where you will go.


We are here for you. Thank you for being who you are!

Eric Dansereau

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